At Harbour Basketball, our representative level coaches are dedicated to the holistic development of each athlete. We believe in creating a positive and supportive environment where athletes can improve both on and off the court. Our coaches work closely with each player to set achievable goals and provide them with the tools they need to reach their full potential. We prioritize teamwork and sportsmanship and strive to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all. We are committed to elevating our athletes to their highest level through a focus on the complete person.

Community Coaches

Community coaches typically coach school teams and local club teams. They are important.

Development Coaches

The focus with these coaches is to nurture the development of the players skills and understanding of basketball.

Representative Coaches

These coaches gotta win. If you don’t, you’re gone.

Coaching Mentors

These are usually old dudes who use to coach but just cbf anymore. They kinda just wanna rock up and be like “nah, that ain’t how you do it”, then talk about how amazing they were as coaches while going on about the effectiveness of a diamond press.